Interview on K24 channel and Q FM radio in Kenya

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It was a lazy afternoon of Tuesday 19th April when I planned to go to the studio of K24 in Nairobi. It was preceded by an interview at Q FM radio in the morning. The topic was only about vegetable farming as it was a short interview focusing on promoting various business ventures in small cities of Kenya.

The anchor went straight to the main topic and asked me relevant questions about how vegetarianism can help farmers and others.

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Interview in KBC TV

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It was a very early morning for me to start my day for this interview. After going through the initial discussion about the topic with anchor, we went on air. I must appreciate the smartness and the study anchor did about the vegetarianism. He asked me very relevant questions and the flow of interview was just perfect.

The interview went on for 40 minutes and we could cover most of the area about vegetarianism, vegetable farming, tree planting, health and wellness.

Interview in KBC TV on Vegetable Farming

Mme. Atiano

KVC had donated some seeds to a farm near Kisumu International airport and Ms. Vaishali Shah visited the farm with a team from the media.

The farmers were excited to share their experiences and show the new crops were coming along. Though it is a small beginning for vegetable farming in this region, it is still impactful as it has drawn the attention of people.