Courses on Hinduism

SVF has developed unique course material to help Indians and others start living a Vedic Hindu lifestyle for experiencing a general well-being. Courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies are offered both online and offline across 3 age groups. The Foundation has introduced a series of books on Vedic Lifestyle in three levels – basic, middle and advance catering to children, teenagers and young adults respectively. Each level has a set of 4 books making it 12 books in all. The material is designed in such a way that the student understands the elements of Vedic lifestyle and gradually grows in the same path, becoming aware of every aspect in the later courses.

The course material is based on four pillars namely

  • Living Vedic Traditions
  • Inside India
  • Ancient Indian Sciences
  • Indian Scriptures

The course is conducted in three levels, Basic, Middle and Advance from 8 years to 15 yrs, 16 to 21 yrs and 21 yrs onwards using a set of 12 books. Each level runs for a minimum duration of 30 sessions extending up to 45 sessions depending upon the Course content and the requirements of the students.

The Course can be taken online at your convenience from anywhere in the world. The course is delivered through our website Once, the students register, they will get the material in English language with few Sanskrit texts for reference in Text, Video and Audio format. After completing the course, the student will submit the assignments on email which will be checked by the experts in our panel and upon completion, a Certificate from Shrivedant Foundation will be awarded to them.

Courses can also be taken as classroom studies. The classes can be held wherever there are groups of interested parents and students in any one of their residences, offices, existing educational institutions, colleges, factories etc.  The students need to register with us online directly or with the help of teachers. The course material will be provided after registration and payment of fees.  After studying each book, the final assignment should be submitted to us online through our website. On completion of the assessment of the papers, a Certificate of Attendance and Passing will be given to the students via email.

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We welcome volunteers to help in different parts of the world to teach our courses to Hindus worldwide. Teachers who can conduct classes are welcome to get in touch on email