Kamleshwar Mahadev Temple

Shrivedant Foundation has built a temple for lord Shiva in July 2013 in the town of Kibigori near Kisumu in Kenya. The temple with modern amenities like a full fledged kitchen, hall etc serves as a centre for the food outreach program and medical camps that are conducted by the foundation.

There was an ancient temple on the site for more than hundred years which has been helping devotees with their wishes. It is a symbol of the beliefs people hold in the temple as despite being located in a remote area, it is much visited by many every week.

The temple regularly conducts various puja to Shiva to bring devotees together.

Books Published

The Veg Safari 

veg safari

The Veg Safari by Vaishali Shah describes her amazing journey as a passionate advocate of vegetarianism in Kenya and the detailed reasons put forth by her for the world to embrace vegetarianism. The book explores the compelling need for the world to turn vegetarian today. The choice to turn wholly vegan or vegetarian is not dictated by moral or ethical concerns alone, nor is it an attempt to convince anyone using religious mumbo jumbo. The book presents many case studies to back its claims and the author has spent many years studying the effect of the meat industry.

Foremost among the many consequences of a flesh based diet is its effect on one’s health. If that is an individual concern, then the dwindling nature of earth’s precious resources is certainly a cause for collective concern of all nations. The poor nations are hit the hardest as land and water which can be used to eradicate hunger and mal nutrition are diverted to grow fodder for cattle which will eventually end up on the lunch plates of only those who can afford it. Locals can be convinced on the need to move away from animal-based foods if alternate methods can be explained to them. Also cultivating farms and growing more food will improve their own health index as also bring in some revenue and employment.

Planting trees, donating seeds, cultivating vegetables are all helpful in improving the health and productivity of the nation. The book raises various pertinent queries and addresses the concerns of all readers and is backed by case studies that help it to connect with the readers easily. It is a dream to see a healthy, nourished and prosperous Kenya in the not too distant future and this book is an attempt to create that golden future.

Courses on Hinduism

SVF has developed unique course material to help Indians and others start living a Vedic Hindu lifestyle for experiencing a general well-being. Courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies are offered both online and offline across 3 age groups. The Foundation has introduced a series of books on Vedic Lifestyle in three levels – basic, middle and advance catering to children, teenagers and young adults respectively. Each level has a set of 4 books making it 12 books in all. The material is designed in such a way that the student understands the elements of Vedic lifestyle and gradually grows in the same path, becoming aware of every aspect in the later courses.

The course material is based on four pillars namely

  • Living Vedic Traditions
  • Inside India
  • Ancient Indian Sciences
  • Indian Scriptures

The course is conducted in three levels, Basic, Middle and Advance from 8 years to 15 yrs, 16 to 21 yrs and 21 yrs onwards using a set of 12 books. Each level runs for a minimum duration of 30 sessions extending up to 45 sessions depending upon the Course content and the requirements of the students.

The Course can be taken online at your convenience from anywhere in the world. The course is delivered through our website www.coures.indianscriptures.com Once, the students register, they will get the material in English language with few Sanskrit texts for reference in Text, Video and Audio format. After completing the course, the student will submit the assignments on email which will be checked by the experts in our panel and upon completion, a Certificate from Shrivedant Foundation will be awarded to them.

Courses can also be taken as classroom studies. The classes can be held wherever there are groups of interested parents and students in any one of their residences, offices, existing educational institutions, colleges, factories etc.  The students need to register with us online directly or with the help of teachers. The course material will be provided after registration and payment of fees.  After studying each book, the final assignment should be submitted to us online through our website. On completion of the assessment of the papers, a Certificate of Attendance and Passing will be given to the students via email.

To know more click here http://www.hinduculturestudies.com

We welcome volunteers to help in different parts of the world to teach our courses to Hindus worldwide. Teachers who can conduct classes are welcome to get in touch on email info@shrivedant.com


Kenya Vegetarian Club

The Kenya Vegetarian Club established by Shrivedant Foundation supports the cause of vegetarianism and veganism and hopes to increase the number of vegetarians in Kenya. The Club endeavors to

  • Promote human health
  • Protect animal rights
  • Preserve the environment

It aims to achieve these by

  • Tree planting
  • Seed Donation
  • Vegetable farming

Seminars on nutritional benefits of vegetarian diet

World over there is a great interest in vegetarianism today. People from all walks of life would like to switch over to a vegetarian diet if they are convinced of its merits. Some are confident about their food habits and make the switch easily. Others need support, guidance and perhaps a gentle nudge. Also there is considerable confusion in the array of products that are available on the shelves of the supermarkets. Many shoppers find it difficult to tell which food and drinks are produced using animal products. The food industry often uses products that may not be suitable for vegetarians. Health professionals are not very clear about the merits of vegetarian diet as they receive little or no training in vegetarian nutrition. Parents are confused whether a wholly vegetarian diet would provide the required nutrition for their kids.

The Kenya Vegetarian Club aims to fill in this space and will support, guide and promote vegetarianism by arranging various programs and events that will help members to understand and appreciate the importance of vegetarian diet. We propose to create awareness about vegetarianism in Africa as the world is moving towards saving the environment and food production and consumption is the first step towards it. We want to help local farmers to grow more vegetables and help them to earn more. Our foundation is a non-profit body which hopes to create many such movements which would help locals to switch over to a better and healthy living.

The Club promotes tree planting and helps in saving the beautiful forests of Kenya. We need to join together and preserve our wildlife and other national resources for the future of our citizens. Kenya is a country of green vegetation and rich with tons of variety of vegetables and fruits. Let’s all pledge to remain vegetarian. Please help us to promote the same across the world.


SVF has developed a web portal called www.indianscriptures.com to publish all the Indian scriptures under one umbrella. INDIANSCRIPTURES.COM is a unique one stop portal where material relating to our religion, be it about our Scriptures, Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmasutras, Itihasas or epics, Smrutis, Puranas, Darshanas or general snippets of information about society, life and manners, customs and traditions that have been passed on throughout the ages will be available to all seekers. The information is genuine, authenticated and contributed by learned scholars, renowned gurus, earnest writers and established institutions. The site is a treasure-house of knowledge to all who visit it. Residents of various countries, professionals from diverse fields, urban elite, the sincere seeker from small towns in search of knowledge about our scriptures, the non-resident Indian eager to connect with the motherland and hungry to know about his roots, a serious student from another country on a quest to study about our nation’s heritage, in short, all men and women, old and young, within and without- all these categories will find the portal elevating and educational.

The site has more than 43000 fresh articles and getting bigger everyday. The content is in text, audio and video format in English, Sanskrit and few other Indian local languages wherever possible. The site has features like by monthly Newsletter, registration of pandits, newswire of the world etc.

The content of site is authenticated by the well known University of Pune in India as most of the research team hailed from that university.