SVF has developed a web portal called to publish all the Indian scriptures under one umbrella. INDIANSCRIPTURES.COM is a unique one stop portal where material relating to our religion, be it about our Scriptures, Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmasutras, Itihasas or epics, Smrutis, Puranas, Darshanas or general snippets of information about society, life and manners, customs and traditions that have been passed on throughout the ages will be available to all seekers. The information is genuine, authenticated and contributed by learned scholars, renowned gurus, earnest writers and established institutions. The site is a treasure-house of knowledge to all who visit it. Residents of various countries, professionals from diverse fields, urban elite, the sincere seeker from small towns in search of knowledge about our scriptures, the non-resident Indian eager to connect with the motherland and hungry to know about his roots, a serious student from another country on a quest to study about our nation’s heritage, in short, all men and women, old and young, within and without- all these categories will find the portal elevating and educational.

The site has more than 43000 fresh articles and getting bigger everyday. The content is in text, audio and video format in English, Sanskrit and few other Indian local languages wherever possible. The site has features like by monthly Newsletter, registration of pandits, newswire of the world etc.

The content of site is authenticated by the well known University of Pune in India as most of the research team hailed from that university.