Founder Director

VAISHALI SHAH is the Founder Director of Shrivedant Foundation and has a keen desire to spread the eternal message of Indian Scriptures to every part of the world so that everyone is benefited and has been passionately trying to bring them all under one umbrella so that they are just a click away without seekers having to move out of their comfort zones. The non-profit Foundation is committed to sharing research through the development of educational tools and materials relating to Scriptures and also providing practical and rational content to the world.  Vaishali aspires to weave together members of the Hindu community and all those who subscribe to the Hindu way of living all around the sphere and also to create a legitimate pride in our heritage and religion especially among its younger members.

She has developed Courses on Hindu Culture and Lifestyle Studies for various age groups to spread the knowledge of Indian culture in more rational way. She has also authored‘The Veg Safari’, a book which explores the practical, ethical and ecological reasons for turning towards veganism or vegetarianism backed by case studies based on years of research and practical experience.

Vaishali believes that ancient Indian wisdom which is all inclusive should be shared with theurban elite, the younger generation and with professionals from the corporate world so that they can live an Indian lifestyle with utmost ease and conviction. An introvert who normally shuns publicity, she has chosen to step out into public glare with the sole aim of making available this ancient wisdom to the vast majority all over the world who are filled with many doubts and misgivings.

She has developed materials for seminars, journals, workshops and magazines to reach out to a larger audience worldwide face to face on a personal interactive basis. She also conducts private custom-made workshops on demand to small and medium size groups of people.