Shrivedant Foundation was founded by Vaishali Shah and family in Kenya. Looking around there is a lot of disharmony and chaos in the world today; this is because we have moved away from our real nature which is to be human and have become more materialistic and self-centred. In our quest for prosperity and in the name of advancement, we have disregarded rules of nature and have plundered our environment leading to many problems globally. We need to fill our hearts with love and compassion and be empathetic towards nature and other beings. With this in focus, Shrivedant Foundation undertakes activities like bringing the real knowledge of Indian scriptures, developing various spiritually motivational material in practical and rational way to suit today’s generation, feeding the less privileged, taking care of the environment by undertaking tree planting on a large scale throughout the country, encouraging people to move to a vegetarian diet, support farmers to grow more vegetables for human consumption, working with local women and self help groups to make them economically independent and acquaint the world on the glory of Indian culture.

The guiding principle of Shrivedant Foundation is

Inspire, Believe, Betterment

Shrivedant Foundation provides knowledge and expertise in the vast field of Sanskrit literature. These include the Vedas, Yog sciences, Histories, Epics and Philosophical systems besides many more. The foundation engages the urban, educated,modern populace across the world with spiritual masters for many intellectual and soul stirring discourses that open up new vistas and unfurls an entirely new purpose to life.

The Foundation also focuses on activities aimed to protect our environment and make people aware on the urgent need to conserve precious natural resources so that future generations will not be left to struggle. It espouses the cause of vegetarianism not for ethical reasons alone but also in the interest of medical and ecological reasons.

The foundation aims to draw young generation to spirituality, self-awareness, peace of mind and more focused approach in life.